Gallery opening

Today was the last day for our sculpture projects and the day for our “art gallery.” Students had 25 minutes to finish their wood and paper sculptures, adding the finishing touches of paint and paper to the wooden pieces they had glued together.  Some kids grabbed large squares of tissue paper or specially designed card stock and tried to glue it to the top of their sculptures, like a big hat. Others cut paper into a million little pieces to glue down a design.  One student covered his wooden sculpture with so much paper, it looked pretty monstrous by the end. He said it was a boat.

One student didn’t quite understand (the instructions were given in Spanish and he is 1) not yet fluent in Spanish and 2) very easily distracted), and he instead glued together two pieces of tissue paper to make an airplane to sit next to his other, wooden, airplane sculpture.  When I showed him what the others were doing, he cut one small piece of paper to add to his wooden plane and spent the next 10 minutes zooming his plane in circles in the air.

A student who struggles very significantly every day to make it through the day without a meltdown did a very creative piece (I’ll add the picture tomorrow).  He fringed long strips of colored tissue paper to glue down in piñata-like layers along the four edges of his wooden “bridge.” He also cut small sections of egg cartons to add as purple flowers along the edge. Unfortunately, he decided to attack another student with glue-y egg carton pieces halfway through, so he got to finish his project in the pod with the help of an administrator, but he finished!

Students filled with pride as they presented to the class for our “art gallery”. They practiced with their partner a few times how to say what they made for their sculpture, and then told the class as they showed their piece.  Every single student shared what they did, in Spanish, in a loud voice. Success! It was raining too hard to send them home today, and it looks like it won’t be sunny again for a while.  Hopefully they make it home soon, though, so we can reclaim the counter space in the classroom.  With 47 students between my two science classes, every inch is exploding in color.



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