Luna llena, te presentas

cada mes vestida

de diferentes vestidos

pero siempre

in full bosomed swagger.

Llevas tu corona de espinas,

tus tendones blancos estremecidos,

tu respiración húmeda.


Soy como tu océano,

te huelo acercarte desde el otro lado.

Cuento las veces que me revuelves

contra mi misma,

y me pierdo en el conteo.

Una vez, una vez, una vez más.

Me lanzas como tu lengua salvaje

contra la arena, dejando conchas

para contar las historias.


Maestra de mi sangre,

me enseñas la bruja

que manda mis nubes,

la Llorona atrapada,

las rocas que se convirtieron

en la arena.

Me arrodillo en el espacio

entre tus brazos

y me ofrezco.

full moon




4 thoughts on “Ofrendas

  1. Wow! Aside from a few words I’ve never seen/heard before…this seems like the type of poem that would be published in a famous poets anthology. I found it especially interesting how you threw in one line in English.


    1. Gracias, as a first draft I’m sure it would not be ready for publishing in anything but thanks for the compliment! I went back and forth about the English line. In part, I don’t know how to say that line in Spanish (lol), but also as a bilingual author I thought of some English poems that have little bits of Spanish thrown in where the Spanish word makes the most sense. Not sure it works in this particular poem, but this was trying it out…

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  2. You have a gift with poetry! I especially like the second stanza when you compare yourself to the moon’s ocean, all of the imagery you paint around it, and the rhythm of “una vez, una vez, una vez mas.” I think you’re illustrating translanguaging with the line in English 😉


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