Today, for Read Across America, parents joined us for a half hour at the end of the day to read with their kids in my Kindergarten classroom.  I had eight moms join us, many of whom are regular volunteers in the classroom.  One mom has not been very available to support her son’s reading at home, however, so when she walked in, I was thrilled.  They each agreed to have a small group to read with, including students whose families couldn’t join us.  What a gift! It was beautiful to see different moms using all their innate teaching skills to make books come to life.  One mom was reading about animals and the kids all acted out the noises the animals made.  A few mins later, I saw a student rolling around on the floor behind me and realized he was acting out what to do for fire safety.  Another mom had students finding words they knew on the page before reading.  In my group, I had a student whose mom is not able to read or write.  The student had just bought a book from the book fair, and was really excited to listen to it because she wouldn’t have anyone to read it to her at home.  It was a pretty boring princess book, in my opinion, but I have never seen her pay attention for so long! She was fully wrapped up in the story for twenty minutes.  We then moved on to search for answers about dinosaur questions, and read about Velociraptors and their battle against Protoceratops. (Side note: are princess and dinosaur books the most popular in other grades, too?)

Our half hour flew by.  My days usually feel so rushed to squeeze everything in, but today we basked in the simple pleasure of books and loving connections.  read-across-america


5 thoughts on “Conexión

  1. What a wonderful experience! I love the idea of having a bunch of readers come on the same day! I’m impressed that it was all so engaging. As a teacher it is so nice to be able to soak in a new view and perspective of your learners. Thanks for sharing this sweet slice!


  2. Your classroom was such a touching sight! I loved seeing the kids huddles around each of the moms, and watching how each mom engaged with the kids in their own unique way. And to answer your question, in my observations around the building princess books last for a few more years, but dinosaur books mostly fade out after first grade!


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